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Meet the Team

Rural Development Partners has an array of personnel with unique and relevant skill sets to effectively carry out our projects.

Danny Portrait_edited.png

Executive Director, Founder


Daniel is a multi-faceted, efficient and reliable development practitioner. He spent over 10 years with The Development Department of the Synod of Livingstonia coordinating Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) projects funded by WaterAid, UNICEF and European Union through Plan Malawi. He is proficient in various development approaches and has a diversified skill set covering proposal writing, budgeting, account management, project management and research. He poses excellent inter-personal, phone and digital communication skills. He is the founder of Rural Development Partners. 

Daniel holds a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Health from The Malawi Polytechnic, a constituent college of University of Malawi, in Blantyre Malawi.


Project Officer - WASH


Wilson is a highly motivated, reliable, and trustworthy young man. He has a strong commitment to the success of every project, and is always looking for new challenges. Wilson is a team player with an ability to clearly articulate project goals and objectives. He has experience working with Rumphi District Council, giving him a depth of knowledge and skills from a variety of disciplines to define, critically assess, and resolve a broad spectrum of issues faced in Malawi today.

Wilson holds a Bachelors Degree in Public Health from the University of Livingstonia, Laws Campus.


Project Officer - Agriculture, Food Security & Environment


Marah Sulu is a confident and well-organized development expert with excellent interpersonal skills, capable of building positive long-lasting client relationships. Marah first joined RDP as an intern in 2022. She has a vast array of experience as a climate change leader, as a data entry technician, working for many large Malawian and foreign organizations. 

Marah holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Development studies from the University of Livingstonia in Ekwendeni.


Sewing Instructor


Memory Nyondo is a young lady who is a highly skilled designer. She is a sewing instructor for the girls and women empowerment sewing project. She finds joy in educating elementary school girls about Menstrual Hygiene Management. One of their projects is to make soft and comfortable, reusable sanitary pads. Memory is cheerful, humble and loves spending much of her time traveling into the remote areas.





Early Childhood Development Coordinator


Gerrie is a mission worker from a small village in the Netherlands who has worked in Malawi since 2014. Before coming to Malawi, she worked in the preschool and primary school for about twenty years with much joy. She has seen children grow and develop with teaching supplies and materials in abundance. That is quite different in Malawi. There aren’t even toys in most pre-schools and homes. Gerrie has developed a program that educates teachers over the different developmental stages of children. She also teaches the different teaching methods and how to expand these methods from easy to difficult and from concrete to abstract. She acknowledges that by being active with educational toys, made by the teachers with local materials, the children have the opportunity to learn certain skills. Each child at his own level and own pace. Besides working on the children’s cognitive, social and motor development we are also able to spread the Gospel. We do this by telling Bible stories and singing hymns. That is how we make God’s greatness and mercy known to the children. Jesus said himself in Mark 10:14 “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not; for such is the Kingdom of God.”

Gerrie is a qualified teacher and certified as a National ECD Trainer in Malawi. 


Technical Advisor


Hans is a mission worker from a small village in the Netherlands who has worked in Malawi since 2014. He coaches and trains local entrepreneurs in construction of pumps, drilling boreholes and electrical installations of submersible pumps. His background as a business man allows him to share how products and knowledge can be brought on the market and how to start small businesses. His Christian background allows him to share how to be a good employee or entrepreneur from a Christian point of view. God is the One who gives us the strength to do this. It is not our work, but His Work. ‘I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me’. Philippians 4:13.

Hans has a technical background in Electricity and electrical installations.

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