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Our Partners

Rural Development Partners has many wonderful partnerships both nationally and abroad.

Love a Village



Love a Village is a small grassroots organization dedicated to eliminating the grip of extreme poverty in the northern region of Malawi. With an aim to empower villagers using a holistic community-based approach, we are working to give them the ability to create independence and self-sustainability for themselves.

logoKimon pms175 144 u DEF.tif



The Kimon Foundation is a Christian, interdenominational missionary organization. We focus on the distressed child worldwide. Our focus areas are on the African continent and in Romania, Ukraine and Bangladesh. Through missions and outreach, we help to alleviate the material, physical, social, and spiritual needs of the children



TSN Groen

For more than 20 years, TSN Groen has been active in transport and logistics. We strive for high customer satisfaction through quality service and efficiency. We do this through monitoring, testing. We work hard to be the best and the greenest. When the logistics industry becomes more sustainable, it will have a major impact on the CO2 emissions of our society. TSN Groen wants to set an example by showing what is possible. In addition to our green distribution and fulfillment services, TSN Groen initiates several initiatives in the field of corporate social responsibility

Smart Centre Group.png



Millions of people are without safe water or sanitation. In Sub-Saharan Africa numbers are increasing due to fast population growth. Climate change is affecting rain patterns and thus food production.. About 35% of rural water points are broken, while funds for repairs and new wells are limited. Innovation in technology and approach is needed to decrease cost, and increase sustainability of water and sanitation. SMART Centres can solve local problems, offer business support services, and build up supply chains of market based products.

Wilde Gazen.JPG



The Wilde Ganzen Foundation is a Dutch NGO, founded in 1957 with a mission to reduce poverty and inequality through community-led initiatives. We support community-based organizations in the Global South and their Dutch fundraising partners in joint efforts to achieve a better future because we believe that communities should have control over their own development.

logo cypressa klein.png



Cypressa is a Dutch organisation working with parters in India, Nigeria and Malawi. We support various projects that are aimed at improving the livelihoods of people. 

Lusubiro logo.png



Lusubilo has community outreach programs that are administered through a network of Community Based Childcare Centres. Agriculture programs aim to improve farmers net yields, and nutrition programs are aimed at reducing levels of malnutrition amongst orphans and vulnerable children.

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