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Rural Development Partners is a local, Non-Governmental Organisation established in 2015 and registered with Malawi Government as a Company Limited by Guarantee. We work as a non-profit organization, in partnership with other organizations implementing integrated projects in Malawi. We envision autonomous communities steadfast in achieving justifiable development, through service provision and capacity building. We exist to cultivate hope and advance development work intended to empower marginalized communities, starting with the community of Luhomero. 

Our values, vision & mission, and how to get in touch & when.

Learn more about what we do on the ground, in rural Malawi.

Who we are as a Board of Directors, Employees and Volunteers.

Agriculture & Food Security

Conservation Agriculture, compost making, crop management, mushroom production, beekeeping, livestock management, small scale irrigation


Revolving funds, loans, upgrades, iron sheets


Boreholes, filters, latrines, campaigns and competitionsurinals, menstrual hygiene management, sewing skills


we are making

a difference

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